Researchers’ Night 2019

As part of the Researchers’ Night, which took place on 27 September 2019, a workshops entitled “Wikipedia: how to find the information you need in top quality?” were held. Researchers’ Night is an event taking place all over Europe. This year in Poznań, seven scientific institutions took part in the event, including the University of Economics and Business.

Wikipedia currently has more than 50 million articles in more than 300 languages. Despite its popularity, this online encyclopaedia is often criticized for its low quality of information. However, depending on the topic and language version, valuable content can be found there. Using machine learning algorithms and semantic representations of Wikipedia in other knowledge bases, this information can be automatically compared in different language versions and the best (highest quality) can be selected. The workshop presented WikiRank, a tool that allows you to evaluate and compare the quality of Wikipedia articles in different language versions and to identify the most popular articles in the world about people, films, games, companies, cars and other objects.

Thanks from the university authorities