First place in the international competition CheckThat!

The OpenFact project team took part in the CheckThat! organized as part of the international conference CLEF 2023 (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum). The method proposed by our scientists took first place. This method detects English sentences that need to be reviewed because of potential misleading and therefore are worth fact-checking.

Python 3.8 vs Python 3.9 – performance testing

This article describes the performance testing results of Python 3.9 compared to Python 3.8. A total of 89 various benchmark tests were conducted on computers with the AMD Ryzen 7000 series and the 13th-generation of Intel Core processors for desktops, laptops or mini PCs.

Wikipedia quality assessment using AI & Big Data

On June 2, a webinar was held on automatic quality assessment of Wikipedia articles and information sources in different languages. Participants could move from the theoretical area of scientific research to concrete practice. It was a good opportunity to deepen knowledge in the field of information technology and understand how science combines with practical application.