The highest score for the OpenFact project

The OpenFact project is run by the team of our Department in cooperation with technological and substantive partners, including: Google, Facebook, Bright Data, Harvard University, as well as leading fact-checking organizations in Poland. During the evaluation of the first phase of the INFOSTRATEG program of the National Center for Research and Development, in the field of fake news detection using artificial intelligence, the OpenFact project received the highest number of points.

The results of the first phase of the project are a dataset containing fake news in Polish for training artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as developed and implemented detection methods. The task of the target solution will be to inform users about the result of evaluating the credibility of messages in popular search engines and social networks.

The results achieved by seven competing teams selected in the first edition of the INFOSTRATEG competition in 2021 were evaluated. Three research teams received a positive assessment and funding for the second phase of the project, including the OpenFact project, which received the highest number of points.

Members of the OpenFact project team: Prof. Witold Abramowicz, Prof. Krzysztof Wecel, Dr. Włodzimierz Lewoniewski, Dr. Piotr Stolarski, Dr. Milena Stróżyna, Ewelina Księżniak, Marcin Sawiński.

The OpenFact project is financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the INFOSTRATEG I program “Advanced information, telecommunications and mechatronic technologies”.