27th Poznań Festival of Science and Art

As part of the 27th Poznań Festival of Science and Art, workshops on fake news detection were held. During the event, participants had the opportunity to learn how to distinguish fake news from real information and what tools they can use to verify content on social media.

The most cited scientific information sources in Wikipedia articles across various languages

The latest issue of the journal “Biblioteka” published an article on the analysis of citations to scientific works in Wikipedia. The analysis covered 332 million references in 61 million Wikipedia articles in 309 language versions. In order to standardize the metadata of important sources of information on multilingual Wikipedia, data from the OpenAlex, an open ...

Automatic quality assessment of articles in multilingual Wikipedia and identification of its important information sources on various topics

An open scientific seminar of the Institute of Informatics and Quantitative Economics on automatic quality assessment of articles in multilingual Wikipedia and identification of important sources of its information on various topics was held at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. During the seminar, the methods and tools used to analyze and evaluate content ...

Quantifying Americanization: A comparative analysis of information in Wikipedia

The research paper entitled “Quantifying Americanization: Coverage of American Topics in Different Wikipedias” was published in the Social Science Computer Review journal. This is the first quantitative study that confirms various theories about Americanization and related phenomena often discussed in scientific literature.

Quality of content on Wikipedia and reliability of information sources

The latest issue of the ACADEMIA journal published an article that focuses on automating the process of assessing the quality of content in Wikipedia, an encyclopedia available in many languages. The publication draws attention to both the advantages and disadvantages of the open nature of Wikipedia, including differences in the systems for assessing the quality ...