Award ceremony for the best PhD theses during the IwZ’2020

During the 5th Scientific Conference “Computer Science in Management” IwZ’2020, a plenary session was held, during which awards were presented for the best doctoral dissertations defended in 2019. The ceremony took place online on December 3, 2020, while the diplomas were sent via post.

In the 23rd Edition of the Scientific Competition of the Economic Informatics Society in the group of doctoral dissertations, the third place was awarded to the work “The method of comparing and enriching information in multilingual wikis based on the analysis of their quality“. Author of the thesis: Dr. Włodzimierz Lewoniewski; The thesis supervisor: Prof. Witold Abramowicz; the auxiliary supervisor: Prof. Krzysztof Węcel.

The doctoral dissertation presents methods and tools that allow to determine the values of quality measures on the basis of data in various formats and with the use of various sources. As part of scientific research, data with a total volume of over 10 terabytes were analyzed and over a billion values of information quality measures were obtained from the multilingual Wikipedia. The automatic quality assessment models presented in the doctoral dissertation can be used not only to automatically enrich various language versions of Wikipedia, but also to enrich other knowledge bases (such as DBpedia, Wikidata) with information of better quality.

The 3rd degree award for PhD thesis “The method of comparing and enriching information in multilingual wikis based on the analysis of their quality”

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