Researchers’ Night 2022

Workshops “Truth or fake news: how not to be fooled on the Internet” were conducted during the Researchers’ Night 2022. As part of these workshops, it was possible to learn about the complexity of scientific research in the field of identifying false information, and at the same time about interesting issues related to the search for truth – some of them may resemble playing detective.

During workshops the most important issues related to the concept of fake news and the differences between false and true information were presented. In addition, you could learn about ways to check information on social media.

Researchers’ Night – is a popular science event that takes place all over Europe every year. The aim of the event is to bring scientists and society closer together, to create an opportunity to meet, get to know each other and work together in a fun atmosphere. On this one night, scientists distract from their daily duties to find out, together with the audience, that science can be interesting and fascinating. This year’s edition of the Researchers’ Night took place on September 30.

More information can be found on the website of the Researchers’ Night in Poznań and the website on the Researchers’ Night at PUEB.