BIS 2021 conference

On June 14-17, 2021 the 24th edition of the International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2021) was held. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was organized in an entirely virtual form. The event was hosted by TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library in Hanover, Germany.

The theme of the conference was “Enterprise Knowledge and Data Spaces”. Both concepts are relevant for data organization and reuse. One of the contemporary ways to represent knowledge in the enterprises are enterprise knowledge graphs or just knowledge graphs. They are a flexible way to represent interlinked information about virtually anything. From the modelling point of view they are graphs consisting of concepts, properties, and entity descriptions.

64 works were presented during different BIS sessions and workshops. Conference presentations were divided into the following sessions: Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Knowledge Graphs, Social Media, ICT Project, Smart Infrastructures. 8 workshops were organized in conjunction with BIS 2021:

  • AKTB 2021 – 12th Workshop on Applications of Knowledge-Based Technologies in Business
  • BisEd 2021 – BIS Education: Trends and Challenges
  • BITA 2021 – 12th Workshop on Business and IT Alignment
  • BSCT 2021 – 4th Workshop on Blockchain and Smart Contract Technologies
  • DigBD 2021 – 1st Workshop on Digitization in the Flux of Big Data Scenarios
  • DigEx 2021 – 3rd International Workshop on Transforming the Digital Customer Experience
  • iCRM 2021 – 6th International Workshop on Integrated Social CRM
  • QOD 2021 – 4th Workshop on Quality of Open Data

There were 3 keynote presentations during the BIS 2021:

  • Boris Otto, “Data Spaces as an Enabler for Data Sovereignty in Business Ecosystem”.
  • Sonja Zillner, “Industrial Knowledge Graphs in Practice”.
  • Mirek Sopek and Prasad Yalamanchi, “The importance of global legal entities’ Knowledge Graphs based on LEI.INFO system”.

More information about BIS 2021 can be found on the website: