KES 2023 conference

During the international conference KES 2023 (27th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems), research results on the use of scientific information sources in multilingual Wikipedia on various topics were presented. This year’s edition of the KES conference was organized in Athens (Greece) on September 6-8 in a hybrid mode.

For over 22 years, Wikipedia has been edited by volunteers from all over the world. It has over 60 million articles in over 300 language versions. Moreover, in each language version, articles are edited independently. Therefore, differences in the quality of information can be observed between different language versions of this online encyclopedia. However, information included in Wikipedia articles should be based on reliable sources. Generally, this encyclopedia assumes that scientific publications (such as articles, books, monographs) are more reliable sources than others (e.g. social networking services).

During the speech, the results of the analysis of over 320 million references in articles in various language versions of Wikipedia were presented. As part of the analysis of information sources, over 10 million references to scientific publications were identified. Using data from DBpedia, Wikidata and Wikipedia projects, the articles were divided into different topics. This allowed to analyze the use of scientific information sources on Wikipedia depending on the topic and language version.

This research is supported by the project “OpenFact – artificial intelligence tools for verification of the veracity of information sources and fake news detection” (INFOSTRATEG-I/0035/2021-00), granted within the INFOSTRATEG I program of the National Center for Research and Development, under the topic: Verifying information sources and detecting fake news.

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